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Induction of Labor

Information on the induction of labor, from reasons why you may need to induce labor to how to induce labor with natural methods and medications like Pitocin and Cytotec.

Induction of Labor - How and Why Labor is Induced
Did you ever wonder how or why labor was induced? Here is the low down on the types of inductions used, why labor is induced and how to avoid an unnecessary induction.

5 Things to Ask Before an Induction of Labor
Induction of labor can be done for many reasons, including reasons that aren't medical. It can also increase your chances of a highly interventive birth - know what the options are and what's going on before you get induced.

The Best Induction
As induction of labor rates continue to rise, you may be faced with how to balance the desires you have for a spontaneous labor and the realities of induction of labor. Here are some tips on having a positive induction of labor.

How to Avoid an Induction of Labor
Induction of labor is fairly common, with Pitocin and breaking your water happening in many labor and births. How can you avoid induction of labor for non-medical reasons.

What happens is your water breaks and you don't have contractions?
Sometimes your water breaks before you have contractions. What happens next?

Ways to Induce Labor
Need to induce labor? Here are some of the basic ways in which it can be done.

Pitocin - Synthetic Oxytocin
Pitocin is a commonly used medication in labor and delivery for induction or labor as well as control of postpartum hemorrhage.

Natural Induction of Labor Techniques - Home Induction
Induction of labor can be scary when it comes to some of the medications and procedures done in hospitals. There are many old wives tales and other home remedies that can help in the induction of labor when you are near your due date.

5 Reasons to Avoid of Induction of Labor
The induction of labor is a very serious matter. It should be used for the times when it is safer for the mother or baby for labor to happen now, such as maternal disease or the baby is in trouble. However, many women are tired of being pregnant and choosing inductions for social reasons. Is anyone explaining the risks of induction to women?

Castor Oil to Induce Labor
Can simply drinking castor oil bring on labor? What's that experience like?

Nipple Stimulation for Induction of Labor
Does nipple stimulation act as an induction of labor?

Should I be induced because my baby is big?
Should you consider an induction for the size of your baby?

5 Ways Pitocin is Different than Oxytocin
We often talk about the differences in a spontaneous or natural labor versus that of an induced labor, but why is this so? The differences lie in the artifical hormone Pitocin and how it differs from oxytocin.

Stripping the Membranes or Sweeping the Membranes as an Induction Method
Does stripping or sweeping the membranes reduce the need for induction?

How is pitocin used to induce labor?
What is Pitocin and how is used to get labor going for an induction.

How is breaking the water (amniotomy) induce labor?
How is breaking the water (amniotomy) induce labor?

Breaking Your Water is Not Beneficial
While the trend towards breaking your water at the beginning of labor is common, studies now show us that this may lead to an increase in cesarean sections and fetal distress.

Does regular sex at the end of pregnancy lessen need for induction?
Does regular acts of sexual intercourse (sex) cause labor? Or does it lessen the need for induction of labor?

Will sex bring on labor?
For a long time women have been instructed that sex at the end of pregnancy would help them go into labor. New studies say that isn't true.

What is a Foley catheter induction of labor?
A Foley Catheter is commonly used to remove urine form the bladder. However, it is also used as a non-drug induction of labor.

Induction of Labor
Learn more about how and why labor is induced.

Induction Birth Stories
Birth stories of induction by women who have been there.

Have you tried castor oil to induce labor?
Castor oil is often talked about as a natural method of inducing labor. Have you tried it? What was your experience? Moms share their stories.

Have you ever had a problem or complication with an induction…
Complications of labor are fairly common with induction. Some are really serious and some are minor complications.

What natural induction techniques worked for you?
Sometimes you're anxious for labor and want to try some natural induction techniques. What worked for you?

Have you had your membranes stripped?
Some doctors and midwives use something called stripping the membranes as a way to put women into labor. Have you heard about it?

Unnecessary Inductions
What is an unnecessary induction? How do you know and how are they done? Here are questions to ask your practitioner.

Am I ready for Induction?
A quick interactive test to tell you if your body is ready for induction.

Amniotomy FAQ
Common questions and answer about breaking your water to start or augment labor.

Misoprostol (Cytotec) for Cervical Ripening and Induction of Labor, a newer, easier technique.

Natural Induction FAQ
Some possible ways to encourage labor by yourself.

Pitocin FAQ
The facts about pitocin and its uses.

Active Management with Pitocin Does Not Reduce Cesarean Rate
A look at the use of pitocin to lower the cesarean rate.

Labor Inducing Ginger Cookies
There are lots of recipes that supposedly help you go into labor, here's one for some spicy ginger cayenne cookies.

How to Avoid an Induction of Labor
As the induction of labor rates rises, so do the complications that go along with induction. How to avoid an induction is something that many women ask about.

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