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Home Birth Parent Supply List

What You Need for a Home Birth


Updated June 05, 2014

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This is a sample list used by some midwives for the things parents will need to gather for a home birth.

  • Pint of 91% alcohol (or 99% alcohol, grain alcohol, or 180 proof Golden Grain)
  • Bottle of isopropyl rubbing alcohol (70%)
  • Cotton balls
  • Plastic drop cloth or plastic sheet (an old shower curtain or large plastic table cloth works wonderfully)
  • Plastic trash bags (AT LEAST 4 large) dark colored
  • 2 fitted bed sheets to fit your bed
  • 2 flat bed sheets to fit your bed (4 flat sheets is acceptable)
  • 4 bath towels
  • 4 wash cloths
  • 8 receiving blankets
  • Large mixing type bowl
  • Small mixing type bowl (prefer bowls not be glass)
  • Working flashlight and extra batteries
  • Extra toilet paper (at least 2 6-roll packs)
  • Several kinds of juice (at least one citrus and 1 non-citrus)
  • One extra bag of ice
  • Protein you like that is easy to fix (peanut butter, cheese, or eggs for example)
  • Clothes for you for after the birth (gown and panties)
  • Clothes for the baby (2 pair socks or booties, 2 onesies, 2 sleepers)
  • Diapers for the baby
  • Large cookie sheet
  • Silver duct tape (preferably new roll)
  • Thermometer (if digital, include probe covers)

Instructions for Preparation

Linens and clothes may be old or new. All should be freshly washed and dried in a hot dryer 10 extra minutes. Bag items in brown paper bags (NOT plastic bags), tape shut, and label clearly in large letters.

Bag in this combination:

  1. Sheets
  2. Towels and washcloths
  3. Receiving blankets
  4. Baby clothes
  5. Mother’s clothes

Please have your birth kit and other supplies purchased, prepared and ready by 3 weeks before your due date. Have everything in one place in the room you plan to give birth.

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