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Is my baby hungry?


Updated September 21, 2010

Crying is a late sign of hunger in babies.

Crying is a late sign of hunger in babies.

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Question: Is my baby hungry?
Answer: Trying to figure out when your new baby is hungry is not very difficult. Some people might try to tell you to wait until the baby is crying or to feed him by the clock, but both are wrong. New babies need to eat to grow, and when they are hungry it's time to eat. Crying is a late sign of hunger in a new baby so you need to learn to see the early feeding cues of a newborn.

Earlier signs of hunger that mean you should nurse the baby include:

  • Putting his hands near his mouth
  • Turning his head from side to side
  • Rooting towards anyone when held in a nursing position
  • Sucking on his hands or clothing
  • Getting fussy or frantic
  • Crying

The sooner you can feed the baby, the fewer signs the baby will exhibit and the easier it is to feed the baby and to not become stressed out yourself. If you wait until the baby is crying you must first calm the baby before trying to feed him.

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