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Ways to Track Your Menstrual Cycle


Updated February 03, 2013

There are a number of ways designed to help you track your menstrual cycle whether you're trying to get pregnant by predicting ovulation and timing intercourse to maximize your chances of pregnancy or just wanting to keep track.  Some of the ways are decided low tech, while are apps for your smart phone.  There is something for everyone here!

1. Apps for Tracking Your Cycles

Free Menstrual Calendar

There are a bunch of apps for your iPhone and other smart phones that are designed to help you track your menstrual cycles, get pregnant and pinpoint ovulation.  Some are free, others cost a few bucks.  Here are some I've seen and used.  Check to see if the ones you use are on here, if not, leave me a note to tell me what I'm missing!

2. Basal Thermometers

Basal Body Thermometer
Photo © Price Grabber

If you want to chart your basal body temperature, you'll need this inexpensive, special thermometer.  Each has slightly different options, like a flexible tip or digital.

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3. Taking Charge of Your Fertility

Taking Charge of Your Fertility
Photo (c) Price Grabber

There is something in this classic book for everyone. Whether you're actively trying to conceive a baby or would rather not plan a family yet, you can learn how to accurately interpret your body's signals. By using the body awareness techniques you can cut the amount of time it takes to conceive a child. Watching your body's signals will allow you to ensure that the time is "ripe" for a child. You can even see how you ovulate by using the charting rather than the guessing.

4. CycleBeads

Cycle Beads - Fertility Aid - How to Get Pregnant
Photo (c) Price Grabber

CycleBeads are a great way to help increase your chances of getting pregnant when you'd like to by easily following your cycle using beads as a visual reminder of where you are in your cycle.

5. Fertile Focus

Fertile Focus
Photo © Price Grabber

This ferning detecting microscope is handy to help you pinpoint ovulation and try to get pregnant. It does come with instructions on use and care. This includes sample photos of ferning and transitional phases. You can also use vaginal secretions with the monitor.

6. ClearBlue Easy Fertility Monitor

ClearBlue Easy Fertility Monitor
Photo (c) Price Grabber

After years of charting, I thought I'd give technology a try. This was a very simple test to use, even more so than a pregnancy test. The results were easy to read and my husband was able to enjoy it a bit more than sympto-thermal methods because it was a machine. The anticipation of matching what I was feeling with my body and what symbol would pop-up each day was also a neat experience. I used it for three cycles and was successful on the third cycle. You still have to do it in a time window, but it's much easier to do when you're not worried about moving around so much that you disturb your basal body temperature.

7. OvWatch

Photo (c) OvWatch

The OV Watch Fertility Predictor is a very interesting concept. It was easy to use and not troublesome. If it works as advertised it will be an amazing revolution to the trying to get pregnant crowd. The actual first design of this product is a slightly clunky attempt. I look forward to future modifications.

8. Ova Cue Fertility Monitor

Ova Cue Fertility Monitor
Photo © Price Grabber

This high tech fertility monitor can check both saliva and vaginal secretions, with different wands.  This can help predict when you are more fertile.  This works without purchasing test strips.

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9. Box Subscriptions for Your Period

Juniper Subscription Box for Your Period
Photo © REW
While these won't help you tell when your period should arrive, each of these is designed to take the stress out of your period by providing your treats, feminine care or both.
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