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Fertile Focus - Review

Fertile Focus Saliva Based Ovulation Detection

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Updated September 26, 2008

Fertile Focus
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The Fertile Focus is a pocket sized microscope used to detect ovulation using saliva. This lip stick sized and shaped monitor is a light source and slide. The top cover comes off and the lower half is separated into two. You place saliva on the glass slide and wait for it to dry. Then you put it together and press a small button on the bottom of the case to light up the saliva specimen. You can then match the pattern you see with the instruction booklet. When you see a ferning pattern you are ovulating and should plan sex accordingly to help you get pregnant.

Using the Fertile Focus to try for pregnancy is cost effective. Since you can reuse the Fertile Focus indefinitely, you save a lot of money on ovulation prediction kits. I also like the fact that you can test every few hours if that makes you happy, without spending a ton of money. In fact the entire Fertile Focus kit costs less than one month's ovulation prediction testing on the cheap end.

The housing for the microscope is metallic, so it feels sturdy. And yet it's light weight. This makes it easy to slip into your pocket or purse. The nice thing about microscope testing is that it's hard to tell what you're doing, so you can use it in public. The Fertile Focus has it's name on the outside label, so if you are trying to keep your baby plans a secret, this might be a draw back for you.

It does come with instructions on use and care. This includes sample photos of ferning and transitional phases. You can also use vaginal secretions with the monitor.

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 4 out of 5
Pro's and con's, Member cathyhanks

After doing some research I found that there are definatly pros and con's to this product. If your estrogen levels are to high it'll show as always ovulating ... if they are too low it will show never ovulating. Also I discovered that (for me particularly, since my cycles are irrgeular) during a cycle you may have more than one estrogen spike that it will detect and ovulation will only occur during one of them. However it gives me a few time frames to work with and it's reusable indefinitely, that is more than I can say for the other ovulation detectors. Also if you have regular cycles I imagine it would be very accurate since you have a general idea of when to look for ovulation.

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