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Can I get pregnant if I use the withdrawal method? (Pulling out)


Updated January 04, 2010

Question: Can I get pregnant if I use the withdrawal method? (Pulling out)
Answer: Using the withdrawal method for birth control, also known as pulling out, is very risky if you are trying to avoid pregnancy. Prior to ejaculation, male orgasm, there is a small amount of semen released which contains sperm. Even this small amount of semen in your vagina can get you pregnant. Remember it is your body's natural order to be pregnant, if you are ovulating and the sperm gets to the egg at the right time, even using withdrawal, you are likely to become pregnant.

A pregnancy test is the best way to tell if you are pregnant or not. Though you must wait until you miss your next period to get the most accurate results. This can be a home pregnancy test or a pregnancy test from your doctor, midwife or health department. In most cases you do not have to notify anyone of the test or the results.

If you are trying to avoid getting pregnant find a real method of birth control. Condoms, birth control pills (oral contraceptives), intrauterine device (IUD), foams, Depo provera shots, patches...there are plenty of methods to choose from. Be sure to ask your midwife, doctor or local health department for advice on the method that is best for you.


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