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Using Ovulation for Selecting the Sex of Your Baby

Choosing the Sex of Your Baby with Ovulation


Fertility Chart - Basal Body Temperature

Using your basal body temperature you can predict ovulation to help get your girl or boy.

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There are many people who are working to try to choose whether they have a boy or girl in their next pregnancy. Ovulation is a topic that many people talk about in terms of simple methods to have a say in that choice.  Here's what one of my readers sent about ovulation and sex selection:

"I have found another way to find out if you're having a boy or girl. I tried the Chinese lunar one with my first three and it was wrong with all three. Then I found another way to find out if its a boy or girl before you even get pregnant! I have tried it with many friends and it works I have only been wrong with two of my friends and family members and there friends and family members. This is how I did it:

"First of all you have to know the date that you ovulated, you can use basal body temperatures to do that, you have to know the first day of you LMP then you take how old you are on the day you ovulated and add the numbers together.


  • My LMP was Feb 18 Thursday
  • Ovulation Date March 4th
  • Age at the time was 29
  • That equals 33

"Even numbers mean a girl baby. Odd numbers mean a boy baby.

"I went back and did that with each of my previous children and they all came out right. Now I finally have the baby boy that I have been wanting!

"So, if you know that your next ovulation date and age = even or odd you will know, if you will have a girl, or boy before you even get pregnant. Pretty neat don't you think try it on a test with mothers that just had there babies and see for yourself if it works."

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