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Swimming in Pregnancy

Is swimming safe in pregnancy?


Updated March 10, 2012

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Pregnant Woman Swimming
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Swimming is considered safe in pregnancy. It can be the perfect combination of aerobics and relaxation. You can either swim as you normally would exercise or try something new like an organized water aerobics course.

The only reasons that swimming would not be an acceptable exercise are:

It should be noted that diving from the high dive is generally not advised.

Swimming is enjoyed by many pregnant women, most notably for the feeling of weightlessness in the water. This is particularly true in the third trimester. This can also make aerobic exercise safer than on dry land because the water provides more cushion for your joints.

After you've done your work out, consider spending an extra few minutes working on your relaxation. Try floating on your back and just clearing your mind. Imagine your baby floating in his or her own swimming pool.

The hardest part can be finding a bathing suit. While maternity swim suits are easier to find, many women still worry about being in one while pregnant.


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