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Fitness for Pregnancy

Fitness is pregnancy is a hot topic. Being fit can help you stay healthy during pregnancy, it can reduce the likelihood of complications during labor and actually make labor shorter. One of the biggest benefits is that it makes losing weight after you have the baby easier. Try it out!
  1. Poses in Pregnancy
  2. Pregnancy Exercises (12)
  3. Swimming in Pregnancy

Swimming in Pregnancy
Swimming is a great exercise for pregnancy. It's easy on the joints and promotes fitness and relaxation.

How do you exercise in pregnancy?
Exercise is an important part of a healthy pregnancy. What are you doing to stay fit?

8 Reasons You May Not Want to Exercise in Pregnancy
While exercise in pregnancy is generally a good thing, there may be some times when you don't want to exercise. Are you experiencing anything on that list?

Prenatal Yoga Videos
Prenatal yoga is a great form of exercise in pregnancy. Here are several videos to help you learn poses to make you feel better and your pregnancy more comfortable. These videos feature Debra Flashenberg.

Yoga Emergency - Back
Yoga Emergency - Back is a fitness DVD to help you stretch your back and cure aches and pains with this 12 minute yoga workout.

Sane Fitness Preggers
The Sane Fitness Preggers program is designed to help you keep working out safely in pregnancy while not getting bored.

ZenMama Pregnancy Yoga Workout
ZenMama Pregnancy Yoga Workout features Rainbeau Mars and two pther pregnant women who walk you through a yoga exercise for pregnancy and birth.

Preggi Bellies Workout DVD
Preggi Bellies Workout DVD is a great way to exercise in pregnancy using the birth ball. Designed by physiotherapists for safe workouts in pregnancy.

Exercise & Pregnancy
We know it's good for us, but how do we fit it in?

Nine Months of Fitness
Exercise can help make your birth easier, and your return to prepregnancy shape much faster. So why not?

Yoga in Pregnancy
Yoga is a perfect exercise to prepare your mind and body for the pregnancy and birth of your baby.

Exercise and Episiotomy
A reference for the benefits of exercise prior to pregnancy for women who have episiotomies, from your About.com Guide.

Pregnancy Workout Videos
It's hard enough finding the time to work out, but videos offer a great solution. Here are some of my favorites!

Exercise During Pregnancy
Make your pregnancy easier with a little activity!

Pilates in Pregnancy
Many women find Pilates to be one of best exercises to do, both during and after their pregnancy. One the top reasons Pilates and pregnancy go together so well is that Pilates is great at building core strength. Pilates is also famous for helping new moms get their figures back after baby is born!

Running in Pregnancy is Safe
If you've been a runner or jogger and you are pregnant, you may wonder about the safety of continuing to run. Here are some answers to your questions.

Weight Training in Pregnancy
If you're pregnant, weight training can offer some great benefits for you, but only with some precautions and modifications...

Walking Through Pregnancy
Walking is great exercise for pregnant mothers.

J. Glenn Bradley, MD, gives you the low down, including guidelines and tips.

Borg's Scale Of Perceived Exertion
An easier way to see if you're over doing it in exercise while pregnant, perceived exertion.

Weight Training in Pregnancy
Here are basic tips for the strength/weight training during your pregnancy.

Pregnancy Stretches
Here is a nice catalog of pregnancy stretches for a variety of body parts.

Prenatal and Postnatal Exercise in a Health Club Setting
How to modify a pregnancy/postpartum workout while in a gym setting answers many of your common questions about sticking with your health club during this time in your life.

Is it safe to exercise in pregnancy?
Michelle Gagnon, a ACE certified and insured Personal Trainer that specializes in prenatal exercise, talks about prenatal exercise and its safety for pregnant women.

Fit Pregnancy
Fit Pregnancy is a magazine that has an online component. While their goal is to talk about pregnancy fitness and working out after baby, you'll find a lot of great stories here.

Fitbook mama2b Review
The Fitbook mama2b is a great way to record fitness and nutrition for pregnancy.

Smart Moves Momma - Review
A Christian childbirth educator review Smart Moves Momma.

How do you get enough water while pregnant?
Water is the best way to stay hydrated but many of us don't get enough water especially in pregnancy.

See Mommy Run
I love reading the blogs here. Even if I'm not the one out exercising I always feel like at least some mom, somewhere is running or walking. These ladies are fun and inviting. They also have a section to help you find others to run or walk with.

Prenatal Yoga Workout with Amy Griffith Review
A review of Prenatal Yoga Workout with Amy Griffith on DVD.

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