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9th Month of Pregnancy
35 Weeks 3D Ultrasound Baby's Face
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Your baby’s organs have been finished forming for a long time. Now is the time for finishing touches. For example, the lungs make final preparations for birth by secreting surfactant to help them expand at birth. Your baby’s kidneys are still producing lots of urine every day, helping to make up the almost two pints of amniotic fluid.

While your baby may be putting on half a pound a week up until about week 37 at which point weight gain slows drastically. The average birth weight is still about seven and a half pounds. Your baby will measure between 18-22 inches at birth.

Your due date is a guess as to when your baby may arrive. The majority of babies will show up from two weeks before this date to two weeks after this date. Labor is caused by the baby’s signals to the mother’s body that he or she is ready to be born. Good luck and good birth!

Your baby will be born this month. The remember that can extend past the 40 week mark safely. Many moms focus on a single due date, when it would be more accurate to think about it in terms of a due month. Be advised others will focus on the due date as well. This means that any day after your due date you will be a barrage with the question, "Is your baby here yet?" Be prepared with snarky answers.

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