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Ultrasound Photos from the First Trimester


Updated August 22, 2013

The first trimester is a time of great growth in your baby. By watching ultrasound pictures you can see how you go from seeing just a small pixel to a baby with moving arms, legs and a beating heart. What a difference a week makes in this trimester!

It used to be more common that women did not have many ultrasounds in the first trimester. This was particularly true if you were not having any complications. Very early ultrasound in the first trimester requires the use of a vaginal probe. As ultrasounds became easier to obtain, it became more frequently used as a method of determining when a woman could expect her baby to be born. Now in many physician's and midwive's offices, first trimester ultrasound is a routine procedure. One of the issues that people have with this early ultrasound, is that frequently, if you look too soon, there is not much to see. This can be cause for alarm for many women. The goal of ultrasound in the first trimester is ultimately to relieve fear, anxiety, and doubt. Ultrasound can be used to rule out an etopic or tubal pregnancy. It can help locate the source of bleeding in a mother who is bleeding during pregnancy. It can also be used to monitor these conditions and/or the growth of the baby. While there is still little that can be done should problems arise at this juncture in pregnancy, some are comforted with the information. Other mothers and physicians are not always as keen on the look and see approach. They may cite maternal anxiety as a reason not to do frequent ultrasounds. Ultimately whether or not you were offered an ultrasound in the first trimester will be dependent on your pregnancy and health status.

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