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14 Weeks Pregnant

Pregnancy Photos from the Second Trimester


Updated August 19, 2010

A bit further into the second trimester - have you considered maternity clothes? You might be getting to the point where your old clothes don't fit you so well, but you might also not be quite ready for maternity clothes. Here are pregnancy photos from the second trimester, 14 weeks pregnant in this belly gallery.

Your Body 14 Weeks Pregnant - 14 Week Ultrasounds - Your Baby at 14 Weeks

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14 Weeks Pregnant - Feeling Too Big14 Weeks Pregnant - Feeling Not Big Enough14 Weeks Pregnant with her first baby!1st Baby, 14 Weeks1st Baby, 14 Weeks1st Baby, 14 Weeks14 Weeks Pregnant Belly ShotPregnancy Photos - 14 Weeks
14 Weeks PregnantBaby Belly at 14 Week PregnantThis mom is 14 weeks pregnant with her third baby.Third Baby - 14 Weeks Pregnant1st Baby, 14 Weeks1st Baby, 14 Weeks14 Weeks PregnantBaby Belly at 14 Week Pregnant
1st baby 14 weeks pregnant belly photoFirst Baby - 14 Weeks Pregnant14 Weeks, Second Baby14 Weeks, Second Baby14 Weeks Pregnant14 Weeks Pregnant14 Weeks Pregnant - First Pregnancy - Belly Gallery - Pregnancy Photos 1st Baby - 14 Weeks
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