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Pregnancy Ultrasound Photos Week by Week for Fetal Development


Updated May 30, 2014

19 Week Ultrasound - 3D
Photo © S. Williams

Ultrasounds are used from early pregnancy through the end of your pregnancy to help you gather information about your baby. That information might be a due date, the placement of your placenta, whether your baby is a girl or boy or simple health assessments. Here is an ultrasound pregnancy calendar of sorts to help you see various ultrasounds from each stage of pregnancy. You can look at the photos and get a better idea of what your baby looks like each week, even if you aren't having an ultrasound of your own. Many moms tells us that this is incredibly helpful to them in their pregnancies.

Weekly Pregnancy Pictures | Weekly Belly Photos

After seeing these ultrasound, do you have a different view of what your baby looks like? Are you better able to imagine the hands, feet and other body parts? Be sure to come back each week and check out what baby looks like during that week. It's also a great tool to help younger siblings or even grandparents to get more involved.

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