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Jelly Beans as Alternative to Glucola

Jelly Beans vs. Glucola


Updated June 20, 2014

Jelly Beans
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Jelly beans are an acceptable alternative for glucola. Glucola is a standard drink that is used when doing the glucose tolerance test (GTT). This test is typically done near the 28th week of pregnancy to screen for gestational diabetes.

Jelly beans are used routinely in some practices in place of the sugary drink that is often referred to as tasting like a flat soda. Many women really dislike the glucola drink and have trouble getting it down or keeping it down. There are other alternatives that have been suggested but the jelly beans contain the same 50 gm of sugar that glucola does. The study done used Brach's jelly beans as the standard. You had to eat 18 Brach's jelly beans in a fairly rapid manner to get the same amount of sugar as found in the glucola.

If you are about to have the glucose testing done, it can't hurt to ask if there are alternatives to glucola. You might be surprised at the answer.


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