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I fell when pregnant, will that hurt the baby?


Updated June 02, 2014

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Question: I fell when pregnant, will that hurt the baby?
Answer: Many pregnant women will fall during pregnancy. Sometimes it's simply a matter of a change in the center of gravity. This happens at about the fourth month of pregnancy. Sometimes you may just be a bit more clumsy while pregnant because of the weight gain, protruding pregnant belly or because of the softening of ligaments and joints due to the hormone relaxin.

If you fall when you are pregnant, the amniotic sac which contains fluid will act as a protective barrier for your baby. To truly hurt your baby in a fall, you would have to have been severely injured in the fall yourself. The old wive's tale about falling down to cause a miscarriage is not true.

That said, if you fall there are precautions to take. Your doctor or midwife should be called, they may want you to come in to check the baby or calm your fears. In general you should watch for bleeding and be sure to pay attention to the baby's movements through fetal kick counts.

If you have any questions be sure to call your midwife or doctor.

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