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4 Signs Your GYN Isn't the Right OB for You

How to Find the Right Practitioner for Your Pregnancy


Updated May 27, 2014

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If you have been having regular gynecologic care during your life, you may think that you can skip the step of choosing an OB by simply staying with the GYN that you have been using for years. Here are four signs that your GYN isn't the right OB for you:


  • Your Birth Values Differ
    Care for a pap smear or birth control is fairly basic. There aren't many different ways to offer this care. As you start talking about giving birth and being pregnant, you may find that you have very different views of pregnancy and birth.


  • Appointments Aren't Long Enough
    You're in, you're out and it's just once a year. You don't have many questions about your GYN care, but pregnancy may bring up a lot of questions for you and the time allotted simply isn't enough.


  • Not the Right Facility
    Your GYN didn't ever have a reason to send you to the hospital, but now you've got your heart set on giving birth at a certain hospital, and you find out that your GYN doesn't give have hospital privileges there.


  • Back Up Issues
    Being on call is very hard work. The hours are long and rough. This makes having back up, usually in the form of partners in the practice, a necessity. When you have an appointment for GYN care you don't really worry about who is going to open the door when it's your turn.

These issues might not all be reasons to leave but they are signs that you need to sit down and have a long discussion with your practitioner. Explain what you need and where you are coming from on these points. It is also imperative that you listen to their response. If in the end you can't come to an agreement, then it may be time to switch doctors.

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