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4 Reasons to Take Your Childbirth Class Early


Updated July 01, 2014

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Forget procrastination, take your childbirth class early. As a childbirth educator, I can tell you that I get several calls a month from people wanting to take my class but can't for one of the four reasons below:

  • Babies Don't Wait
    If you plan to take your childbirth class at the end of your pregnancy, you may have your baby before your childbirth class starts or before you finish your childbirth class. Babies can't read calendars.

  • Classes May Be Full
    You may go to register for a class, only to find that you can't find a class that has available slots that fit your schedule. For the best number of options, register early, even if you don't take the class for awhile.

  • Lack of Time to Act on Information
    Perhaps you find some great information in your childbirth class that you want to act on by researching or talking to your doctor or midwife, but find that you don't have the time left in your pregnancy to do so.

  • No Choices
    You may also find that while you can find a childbirth class, it's not the one you want. This may mean a different philosophy or classroom setting than is ideal for you. (Which childbirth class is right for you?)

To prevent this from happening to you, start looking into what your community has to offer in childbirth classes early. Once you decide which class you want to take, register for it, even if that class is months away. This holds your spot.

Ideally the best time to take a childbirth class is one that leaves you 8-10 weeks left of your pregnancy to continue practicing what you learned in class and making birth plans that reflect your new knowledge. This gives you plenty of time to talk to your providers about your wishes and their ideas as well as gives you a cushion should your baby arrive early.

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