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Childbirth education classes are a lot more than just funny breathing. Learn everything you ever wanted to know about your body during labor, medications, complications and how to help your partner through labor.
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Childbirth Class Options - Lamaze, Bradley, ICEA, CAPPA and more...
Choosing a childbirth class can be very difficult. There are so many classes out there. Here is the scoop on many oft he childbirth education organizations.

Choosing the Right Childbirth Class Quiz
There are a lot of options for childbirth classes. Which one is right for you? Answer a few questions and find out.

Childbirth Classes and the Epidural
So, you're planning on an epidural for labor. Do you still need those childbirth classes? The answer might surprise you.

4 Reasons to Take Your Childbirth Class Early
If you suffer from procrastination, you may have been putting off signing up for a childbirth class until the very end. Here are four reasons that you may not want to do that...

6 Myths About Childbirth Class
Myths about childbirth education abound and prevent people from getting some pretty important information about their births.

Why Take an Early Pregnancy Class
The early pregnancy class helps you prepare for a healthy pregnancy. When will you take yours?

5 Reasons Not to Take Hospital Childbirth Classes
A look at some of the reasons why a hospital based childbirth class might not be your best option for learning about childbirth.

What does a good childbirth class look like?
Childbirth classes teach you important lessons. What does a good class look like?

4 Reasons to Stop Dissing Childbirth Classes
Stop trash talking childbirth classes and give them a chance.

How to Get the Most Out of a Childbirth Class
Childbirth class is like much of the rest of your life - you get out of it what you put into it. So when someone says that they didn't get anything out of their childbirth class - perhaps you should ask yourself why?

Online Childbirth Class
Your complete online childbirth class! Everything from pregnancy to labor positioning, medications, cesareans and postpartum care. We've got you covered!

Childbirth Class the Second Time Around
Many people decide to take childbirth classes with their first baby, but do you need to take a class when you're pregnant with a subsequent baby? The answer might surprise you.

Becoming a Childbirth Educator | How to Become a Childbirth Educator
Becoming a childbirth educator is a labor of love, but how do you get started as a childbirth educator?

Lamaze Childbirth Classes - What did you enjoy about your Lam…
Share what you experienced in your Lamaze childbirth class!

Careers in Birth
Helping a family welcome a new baby is an amazing job. There are many birth related careers, here are the highlights to some of the more common careers in birth like midwife, doula and childbirth educator.

Online Breastfeeding Class
Breastfeeding is a natural process and it is as much science as it is art. This course is designed to show you the benefits of breastfeeding your baby, how to breastfeed from newborn babies to older babies, how to handle problems, where to find support and information on choosing a breast pump and pumping.

Childbirth Education
Learning about childbirth educators, from your About.com Guide.

Do you have any advice for becoming a childbirth educator?
Becoming a childbirth educator is a big step. There are so many choices about which certifying organization to use? What you want to teach? Where will you teach? It's nice to have some advice along the way from those with inside knowledge and birth experience.

Hypnosis for Labor
An approach to labor and birth that emphasized mind over matter and education to reduce pain, tension and fear.

Lamaze Breathing
You might think that Lamaze breathing is old fashioned but it can still be a useful tool in labor.

Bradley Method of Natural Childbirth
A look at the basics of the Bradley Method of Natural Childbirth.

International Childbirth Education Association (ICEA) Childbi…
International Childbirth Education Association (ICEA) certifies childbirth educators and doulas to teach childbirth classes and attend births.

Lamaze International - Childbirth Education Classes & Certification
Lamaze International is one of the oldest and most respected childbirth education organization in the world. They train childbirth educators and advocate for pregnant women internationally.

What is Baby Think it Over?
A look at what Baby Think it Over is all about.

Childbirth And Postpartum Professional Association, including certification programs.

Birth Works
Certifies childbirth educators, in an emphasis on natural childbirth. Includes an FAQ section.

Lamaze International
Certifying childbirth educators & labor support, this site also offers a bookstore. They also have a free, online birth video and Normal Birth Blog.

International Childbirth Education Association (ICEA)
ICEA trains educators, has a directory of educators, and a book store for you shopping needs.

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