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Cesarean Scars


Updated June 25, 2014

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What type of uterine incision is used in a c-section?
Uterine Incisions for C-section
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What about the scar on my uterus?
The scar on your uterus may look similar to the scar on your abdomen. It can also be going a different direction, like up and down (classical) or horizontal (bikini). This can play into whether you are a good candidate for a vaginal birth in subsequent births, also known as vaginal birth after cesarean or VBAC, so always be sure to ask your surgeon whether you have a horizontal or vertical incision on your uterus. You might also ask specifically about vaginal birth in subsequent pregnancies, because some incisions on the uterus may be more at risk, for example, if your incision extended. The most common uterine incision is a horizontal incision on the lower segment of the uterus (low flap transverse incision), a preterm baby, a baby in an odd position or a medical emergency may necessitate a different type of incision.
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