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Cesarean Scars


Updated June 25, 2014

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How long does it take a c-section scar to heal?
Healing C-Section Incisions

The process of healing after a c-section over the course of a year is very dramatic.

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The time it takes for your c-section scar to heal will vary from woman to woman. Sometimes there are things that will slow or impede your healing like poor nutrition, infection, etc. Staying healthy, eating well and the like will help your body do its job by healing the site of the incision.

You will notice that the area of the c-section scar slowly changes, so much so that you may not notice the difference on a daily basis. You can consider taking pictures to see how the healing process looks for various time periods. In the beginning, right after your c-section, the healing process is fairly rapid and daily changes can be noticed. But after that you may not find the subtle changes as noticeable.

You should always contact your doctor with questions about the c-section scar.


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