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Removing C-section Staples


Updated September 16, 2013

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Your C-section Incision After Staples Are Removed
Your c-section incision after the staples are removed.

Your c-section incision after the staples are removed.

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Immediately following the staple removal, your skin may be irritated from where the staples were. This is not how your c-section scar will look forever. You may see tiny holes were each end of the staple was in your skin. These usually fade very nicely. Sometimes you don't see them at all after a while or they fade to tiny dots lining your main c-section scar.

Your doctor will also give you instructions on how to care for your incision and discuss warning signs for your incision.

For more information on caring about your c-section scar see: A Guide to C-section Scars

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