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Cesarean Section - C-section Birth Cesarean Surgery

Cesarean sections occur for 30+% of all births. Learn what you need to know before labor and after cesarean surgery.
  1. Cesarean Prevention
  2. Elective Cesarean (5)
  3. Scheduled Cesarean (13)
  4. Unplanned Cesareans (5)

What states have the highest cesarean section rates for 2010?
State cesarean rates can have wide variation. Here is a way to see what your state c-section rate really is for the 2010 data.

Cesarean Birth
A third of all women will have a surgical birth, find out what you need to know about c-sections before you have your baby.

The Risks of Cesarean Section
As with any surgery or procedure, a cesarean section or c-section carries risks to both the mother and baby. Knowing what your risks and options are may help you lower the potential problems.

Cesarean Section Photos: Step-by-Step
Here are the basics of cesarean section surgery in picture format from the beginning of the surgery to birth and the repair.

Cesarean Scar Gallery - Postpartum Photos
This page is a realistic look at the cesarean scars after you give birth by cesarean.

Breastfeeding after a Cesarean Section
How to breastfeed successfully after a surgical birth.

Can someone stay with me during a cesarean section?
A common questions many moms have is whether or not she can have someone present with her during a cesarean. During a c-section birth, you will want to talk about your options for guests with your doctor or midwife. Because the answer might surprise you...

Questions to Ask About a Cesarean Section - Before You Have Surgery
Having surgery isn't any fun, the recovery, the pain, the scar. As the cesarean rates continue to increase many women want to know if their cesarean surgery is necessary. Here are some questions and answers to talk to your practitioners about before you have surgery.

Does a woman's shoe size predict the need for a cesarean section?
It has been said that one can predict the need for a cesarean section based on the shoe size of a woman. Is it true?

Tips for a Safer Cesarean Section
Having a cesarean section is major surgery. There are things that you can do to help lower your risk of complications and infections after surgery, all you need to do is to speak up!

After a Cesarean
The first few days after this type of birth might hold a few surprises.

Post-Cesarean Warning Signs
After having your baby by cesarean section, you need to know the warning signs of a problem to report it to your doctor or midwife.

Recovering from a Cesarean
Healing after a cesarean section is a bit more difficult than you may have expected. Here are some ways to help you focus on your baby and heal all at the same time.

How many cesareans are safe?
As the cesarean rates rise and the vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC) rates fall, there are more woman having multiple cesareans. Just what are the risks involved with cesarean the second or more time around?

Cesarean: Do I need a doula?
Does the use of a professional labor support person benefit the family who delivers by cesarean section?

Family Centered Cesarean
Information on cesarean surgery and how you can make it more family centered. Including tips on recovery and a photo gallery.

Cesarean Birth Plan
One family's birth plan for their planned cesarean.

Cesarean Section Photos Gallery Two
Photos taken during a cesarean surgery. Minimal Gore.

Risks of a Cesarean
Risks of a cesarean section and a discussion of weighing the benefits and the risks, from your About.com Guide.

Sex After a C-Section - When can you have sex after a cesarean?
With about a third of all women having cesareans, you probably want to know when you can resume your normal sex life after surgery.

Why the rise in cesarean sections?
Looking at the reasons behind the rise in the cesarean rate, this article discusses many of the reasons for that rise.

Breastfeeding After a Cesarean FAQ
A nice resource written by moms who have been there.

C-Sections: Then and Now
A brief history of the cesarean surgery's originations, and some discussion of today's events surrounding cesareans.

Thoughtful Ways to Support a New Mom Recovering from a Cesarean
A quick guide to things that can help a new mom after she's had a cesarean birth.

Cesarean - A Brief History
Interested in finding out who was the first to perform this surgery? Or where it started? Read on...

Planning Your Cesarean FAQ
Information for making your planned cesarean more family-centered, including pain relief tips.

C-sections: When are they necessary?
One hospital provides you a list of possible reasons for a cesarean.

Recovery from Cesarean
Tips on physical and emotional recovery.

What Every Woman Should Know About Cesareans
From the Maternity Center Association (MCA) comes this wonderful booklet about cesareans. One of the only middle of the road texts available. Complete with medical references to help you make up your own mind.

Cesarean Section Pamphlet
Free pamphlets you can order on cesarean birth, and anesthesia, from your About.com Guide.

Cesarean Scar Advice: How to care for your c-section scar!
What is your best advice for a more comfortable and attractive c-section scar?

Ways to Celebrate Cesarean Awareness Month
A look at some ways that everyone can celebrate Cesarean Awareness Month.

C-Section Scars
A look at what you can expect from your c-section scars, including healing, pain and postpartum feeling!

Removing C-section Staples
A look at the process of removing c-section staples from how it's done to what type of pain is involved.

5 Breastfeeding Tips After a C-Section
While breastfeeding after a c-section is possible, there can be more challenges, here are some tips to avoid them.

Interview with Jill Arnold
Jill Arnold runs the popular blog The Unnecesarean and has just started a new website to help mothers and others find information on cesarean rates. Here she talks about her new site and why women need access to these numbers.

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