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Transverse Lie - Fetal Position


Updated June 12, 2014

Pregnant Woman Receiving a Ultra-Sound
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Definition: This position is where the baby's head is on one side of the mother's body and the feet on the other, rather than having the head close to the cervix or close to the heart. The baby can also be slightly at an angle, but still more sideways, than up or down. This side ways position in the uterus is more common earlier in pregnancy when the baby has space to move around freely. Very few babies are in this position at term.

If your baby is in a transverse lie at term, a cesarean section may be recommended if the baby doesn't turn or if other measures are not successful in turning the baby. You are more likely to have a baby in a transverse lie if you have multiples in this pregnancy, if you have had many term pregnancies, have an abnormality in your uterus, or a cyst or fibroid blocking your cervix.

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She had a c-section because her baby was in a transverse lie.
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