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Breastfeeding Books for Kids


Updated August 07, 2011

Breastfeeding is a perfectly natural way to feed a baby.  But many children have questions about breastfeeding or you may simply want to prepare your child to see you breastfeed.  Books make a great way to introduce this topic to kids.  Here are some of my favorite breastfeeding books for kids.

1. Mama's Milk

Mama's Milk
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Mama's Milk (Mama Me Alimenta) comes as an English/Spanish book. It shows drawn images of mammals nursing their babies with short statements under each drawing. There is also the correct term for each "baby" shown, like a baby goat is a kid, etc. This is a nice way to introduce breastfeeding as something that mammals do, including mommy.
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2. Mommy Feeds Baby

Mommy Feeds Baby is written by a lactation consualtant for kids. The simple text and attractive images make this an accessible book for all ages.  There are brief sentences with lovely photos of moms nursing.  There is nothing graphic in the book.  A very sweet addition to your library.

3. Michelle the Nursing Toddler

Michelle the Nursing Toddler
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This book talks about Michelle and how she was a baby and then grew became a toddler.  This books only briefly covers nursing as a part of Michelle's life.  It is not a book soley about nursing a toddler.

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4. We Like to Nurse

We Like to Nurse
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We Like to Nurse is a cute little book with simple drawn images of animals nursing. This is a great book for younger kids and has a companion book, We Like to Nurse Too, about sea creatures who nurse.

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