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Milk Bank Baby Bottles

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Updated July 18, 2012

Milk Bank Bottles
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The Bottom Line

The Milk Bank Baby Bottles are a great vented systems with fewer parts to allow your baby to eat without getting painful gas or colic. The wide nipple helps baby to go from the breast and back easily.
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  • Vented System
  • Fewer parts than other systems.


  • Limited availability at brick and mortar at the moment.
  • One color scheme: clear/orange


  • BPA Free baby bottle and parts.
  • Part of a breast milk storage system with a vacuum seal for better breast milk taste and quality.
  • Available in three sizes of bottles (2, 5, and 8) as well as various nipple stages.

Guide Review - Milk Bank Baby Bottles

I found the Milk Bank Baby Bottles quite by accident when I was in a store. My baby was nursing but occasionally needing a bottle. Her current vented system was okay but she was having issues with gas and spitting up after taking a bottle. I bought one to see if it might help.

I loved that it was easy to put together and clean up. It also did not leak as the other system did. This was a blessing because wasting breast milk on a leaky bottle was not my idea of fun.

Amazingly my baby also quit spitting up after a bottle when I used this system. My husband thought maybe she'd simply outgrown it and tried one of our old bottles. But she returned to spitting up after that bottle.

The care providers who look after my little one are also able to put this bottle together easily unlike some other bottles with multiple parts. This was a huge blessing! It's also easy to put together in the middle of the night or on a bumpy car trip.

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User Reviews

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 5 out of 5
Milk Bank Bottle and Storage System is WONDERFUL, Member fishbaby

I love these bottles. Since I pump directly into the bottle, I don't have the need for messy bags. I can freeze milk in the bottle and defrost them as needed. They are easy to clean and assemble. I love the various bottle sizes. The 2.5 oz bottles were perfect for when my baby was a newborn and the 4.5 oz are a great size for 10 months. I have never had issuses with spitting up or gas. And the bottles don't leak. These have been great bottles for daycare and my baby has had not problems moving back and forth between bottle and nipple. A GREAT product!!

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