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Natural Childbirth Stories

Women Who Had Natural Childbirth Share Their Birth Stories


Updated July 01, 2014

Home Birth
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Birth is a powerful force. These natural childbirth birth stories have been graciously sent by our readers so that you may share their experiences, and gain knowledge of alternatives and practices. We hope you enjoy the stories! If you would like to submit your birth story, please send it to us at: Birth Stories.

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Owen & Clara's Birth
Twins, homebirth, natural birth, midwife, doula.

Trevor's Birth
Natural birth, hospital, doula.

Lucy's Birth
Unmedicated, hospital, vacuum.

Brandon's Birth
Home birth, midwife, VBAC.

Lilah's Birth
Home birth, midwife, doula, siblings, father caught baby.

Gavin's Birth
Home birth, midwife, long labor.

Madison's Birth
Unmedicated, birth center, doctor.

Oliver's Birth
Polyhydramnios, natural birth.

External Version
Breech baby, external version, vaginal birth.

Kalista's Birth
Induction, natural, jacuzzi.

Keith's Arrival
Natural Childbirth, big baby.

Unmedicated, birth center, midwife, doula.

Four homebirths of Poppy and David: 1978-1988
Natural Childbirth, midwives.

Natural Childbirth
Natural Childbirth, Bradley.

Two stories, demerol, natural birth.

Marianna's Birth
Unmedicated, hospital.

Konnor's Birth
Unmedicated, hospital.

Naomi's Birth
Unmedicated, hospital, fast.

Brandon's Birth
Home Birth, midwife, near water birth.

Home Birth
Home Birth, midwife, unmedicated.

Connor's Birth
Hospital, induction, unmedicated.

Robert's Birth
Hospital, unmedicated.

Asher's Birth
Home Birth, midwife, VBAC, unmedicated.

Maya's Birth
Induction, unmedicated.

Home birth, unexpected, sent home from hospital.

Two Births
Induction, cesarean, doula, VBAC, unmedicated.

Kennedy's Birth
Unmedicated, induction.

Reid's Birth
Unmedicated, home birth, midwife.

Born at Home!
Unmedicated, unassisted.

It's a Girl!
Unmedicated, birth center, midwife.

Jenna's Birth
Unmedicated, fast.

Casey's Birthday
Home Birth, VBAC, midwife, unmedicated.

Two Births
Epidural, unmedicated.

Aisling's Birthday
Birth Center, water birth, unmedicated.

Jeremy's Birthday
Hospital, pitocin, unmedicated.

Baby's Birthday
Hospital, doctor/midwife, unmedicated.

Austin's Birthday
Hospital, midwife, pitocin, meconium, unmedicated.

Timely's Birthday
Home Birth, unmedicated.

Aedan's Birthday
Home Birth, unmedicated.

Madeline's Birthday
Cytotek induction, birth center, unmedicated.

Jeremy's Birth Story
Bed rest, fast birth, unmedicated.

Isaac's Birth Story
Home birth, siblings present, dad's version

Isabel's Birth Story
P Gel, cytotec induction, midwife, hospital, unmedicated, doula.

Tyler's Birth Story
Fast labor, unmedicated, no episiotomy.

Ryan's Birth Story
Home birth by accident.

Edrik's Birth Story
Unmedicated, hospital, episiotomy.

Sophie's Birth Story
Home Birth, nurse midwife, waterbirth.

Fischer's Birth Story
Hospital, CNM, unmedicated, teen.

Leah's Birth Story
Birth center, posterior presentation, cord prolapse.

Two Different Births
Cesarean, PIH, VBAC, midwife.

Lucas's Birth Story
Cervadil, Bradley Method, Midwife.

Benjamin's Birth Story
Home Birth, midwife, long labor.

Katie's Birth Story
Hospital, OB, VBAC, doula.

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