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Narcotic Birth Stories

IV Pain Medications


Updated January 12, 2010

Birth is a powerful force. These birth stories have been graciously sent by our readers so that you may share their experiences, and gain knowledge of alternatives and practices. We hope you enjoy the stories! If you would like to submit your birth story, please send it to us at: Birth Stories.

Diana's Birth
Hospital, morphine, doula, VBAC.
Mitchell Paul's Birth
Induction, morphine, tear.
The best and worst.
Induction, demerol, epidural, vacuum cesarean.
Duncan's Birth
Epidural, nubain, forceps.
Janae's Birth
VBAC, Nubain.
Eric's Birth
Induction, demerol, epidural, vacuum.
Dylan's Birth
Stadol, epidural, morphine.
Two stories, demerol, natural birth.
The Joyous Arrival of Makenzie Noelle
Nubain, epidural.
Victoria's Birth
Induction, pitocin, stadol.
Kaileigh's Birth
Induction, stadol.
Jacob's Birth
Induction, nubain, epidural.
Alyssa's Birth
Morphine, epidural, placenta abruptio, cesarean.
Brian's Birth
Nubain, odd labor.
Colin's Birth
Induction, epidural, morphine, spinal.
Christy's Story
Nubain, epidural, induction, vacuum, forceps.
James' Birth
Nubain, epidural, cesarean.

2 Births
Narcotics, Epidural, Birth Center.

Kobe's Birth Story
VBAC, Pitocin, Fentanyl, Epidural, Cesarean.
Josie's Birth Story
Toxemia, cytotec induction, Pitocin, hospital, epidural, doula.
Erica's Birth Story
Nubain, hospital.
Pierce Allen Ralston's Birth Story
VBAC after 3 cesareans, Stadol, no episiotomy.
Madeleine's Birth Story
Induction, 5 weeks early, pitocin, P-gel, Nubain, epidural.
Three Birth Stories
Pitocin, Stadol, Nubain, Birth Center.
A VBAC Birth Story
Hospital, VBAC, Stadol.
Lauren's Birth Story
Induction, stadol, epidural, no episiotomy.
Heather's Birth Story
Hospital, Fentanyl, episiotomy.
Jacob Burton's Birth Story
Nubain, epidural, vacuum.

Reader Stories: Birth Stories

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