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Home Birth Birth Stories


Updated July 30, 2012

Three Babies
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There is a lot of talk about home birth these days. That leaves a lot of questions and interest, but there are many women who are willing to share their birth stories from their home births with a midwife and others. If you would like to submit your birth story, please send it to us at: Birth Stories.

Owen & Clara's Birth
Twins, homebirth, natural birth, midwife, doula.

Brandon's Birth
Home birth, midwife, VBAC.

Lilah's Birth
Home birth, midwife, doula, siblings, father caught baby.

Gavin's Birth
Home birth, midwife, long labor.

Four homebirths of Poppy and David: 1978-1988
Natural Childbirth, midwives.

Brandon's Birth
Home Birth, midwife, near water birth.

Avram's Birth
Home Birth transport, pitocin, spinal, cesarean.

Home Birth
Home Birth, midwife, unmedicated.

Asher's Birth
Home Birth, midwife, VBAC, unmedicated.

Ciara in the Bathroom
Home birth, unexpected, sent home from hospital.

Reid's Birth
Unmedicated, home birth, midwife.

Noah's Birth
Unmedicated, home birth, breech.

Born at Home!
Unmedicated, unassisted.

Casey's Birth
Home Birth, water, midwife.

Kyle's Birth
Home Birth transport, epidural.

Timely Rain Trichell Watson's Birthday
Home Birth, unmedicated.

Aedan's Birthday
homebirth, natural childbirth.

Isaac’s Birth Story
Home birth, siblings present, dad's version.

Sophie's Birth Story
Home Birth, nurse midwife, waterbirth.

Benjamin's Birth Story
Home Birth, midwife, long labor.

Reader Stories: Birth Stories

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