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Halloween Baby Shower Theme


Updated October 04, 2011

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Halloween Baby Shower Games
Halloween Baby Shower Theme
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Dirty Diaper Game
  • This is a twist on the classic dirty diaper game and a combo of the traditional Halloween feely game
  • Take things that represent "gross" things about pregnancy and babies and put them in diapers. Have guests feel inside the diapers to decide what is what.
  • Examples include:
  • Pass each diaper out and have guests write what they think it is, most correct wins!

Needle in a Haystack Halloween Version

  • This is a version of the Needle in a Haystack baby shower game
  • Take a bowl filled with peeled grapes
  • Put in a hand full of well separated prunes
  • While blind folded, have people pick out as many prunes from the grapes in 1 minute as they can
  • Winner is the person who gets the most!

How Dilated is Your Pumpkin

  • You will need several pumpkin (4-5), a carving knife, play dough, metric ruler
  • Open the top of the pumpkins, but do not carve the sides
  • Clean part of the "guts" out and put in a ring of play dough measured between 1-10 centimeters
  • Have players reach in and measure how dilated each ring is and write it down, repeating for each pumpkin
  • Winner is the person who gets the most right answers!
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