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A Baby Name Shower


If you have chosen a baby name for your son, this one can work well. I’d caution you to ensure it’s really the name you want before attempting this shower. Stamp the baby’s name on the invitations as a way to announce the name. Some people actually send the invitations from the baby. Decorations can be simple blue balloons or the colors of the nursery, the baby’s name done as a banner and perhaps some ultrasound photos with the baby’s name applied in stickers (use color photo copies of scans to avoid destroying originals).

The cake can be decorated with your baby’s name or with the new photo cakes, you might even be able to have an ultrasound photo screened onto a cake. After that you can add the baby’s name in icing. If you have the ability, some people actually use the baby’s name as shapes and spell out the name for the cake. If you get really fancy you can have each on be a different flavor.

Games with a baby name theme can be varied. A simple drawing can be to have everyone place their guesses for the meaning or thought process behind the name placed in a bowl and a winner drawn. This can also be done as guessing game or quiz. Another name game could be to have every guest spell out your baby’s name and place a wish or quality beginning with that letter next to it. An example:

Light hearted

Presents can be directed towards the baby’s name or the sex of the baby. This might include engraved items or personalized blankets. It also works well to give certificates to get these items after the birth. Your standard baby shower gifts also apply.

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