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A Guide to Easter Baby Showers

How to Throw a Great Easter Themed Baby Shower


Updated March 14, 2014

Easter Eggs for Twin Baby Shower
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Easter is a huge family holiday and a great time for a baby shower. There are multiple ways to incorporate the theme of Easter into your baby shower. Here are a few ideas:

  • Egg Decorations
    Eggs are a symbol of fertility and birth the world over. Eggs are also a traditional Easter food. You can have egg themed decorations purchased as Easter decorations, but no one will know the difference at your baby shower. They are usually made in soft pastel colors, but lately you can find Easter eggs in a wide variety of colors, perhaps choose a set that matches the baby’s nursery theme.

  • Egg Related Foods
    There are many egg foods that you can use. Breakfast makes a perfect theme for egg foods. Think soufflés, quiches, omelets, and scrambled eggs. Or you can always go with a lunch menu with items like egg salad, deviled eggs, hard boiled eggs or even just egg laden tuna salad. There is also an amazing amount of pastel Easter candy available. Many of these candies are great for baby showers.

  • Easter Baby Shower Games
    What would be more fun than a good old fashioned Easter Egg Hunt? Consider doing a variety of games involving eggs. That can include the Easter Egg Nursery Hunt, Easter Egg wishes, Easter Baby and others.

  • Easter Themed Items
    More Easter themed items for your Easter baby shower:

    • Bible verses related to rebirth and motherhood
    • name tags shaped like eggs
    • invitations and place cards with eggs, chicks and bunnies
    • consider the “rabbit died” as an additional, funny tag line

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