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Guide to A Christmas Baby Shower

Christmas Baby Shower Ideas


Updated July 02, 2013

Christmas Tree & Mother to Be
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A Christmas baby shower is a natural extension of the core ideas of Christmas. As family is already gathered, perhaps from far flung areas, Christmas is a great time for a baby shower. There are multiple ways to incorporate the theme of Christmas into your baby shower. Here are a few ideas:

  • Christmas Decorations
    A Christmas ornament is something that is very related to the holiday. Consider having your guests each make an ornament as a gift for the baby or even as a take home gift for themselves. The traditional salt dough ornaments are fairly easy, but should be made before hand. If you chose to make some with meanings, there is a nice set of meanings available for your to use.

    Paper chains are also fun and can be done in colors to represent the baby - think pink and blue or even colors that represent the baby's nursery colors. Paper chains should not be strung on Christmas trees with lights due to the fire hazard, but make great decorations for baby's room.

    You could also use a fake pink or blue Christmas tree and decorate it with gifts for the baby. Think baby socks, rattles, small toys, etc. This can be a very cute centerpiece for your food table or in the entry way. A white tree also works well if you don't have access to a pink or blue tree. You might also consider a real tree with only pink or blue lights.

  • Christmas Related Foods
    • Decorating cookies is a huge Christmas tradition. You can certainly do this in a traditional sense, or you can also offer a few baby related cookies too. Think might be a baby shape, a pregnant belly, rattle, stroller, etc.
    • Offer traditional hot or cold drinks with a Christmas touch, but ensure that you have a pregnancy friendly version, even with egg nog or mimosas.

  • Christmas Baby Shower Games and Activities
    • As the wise men brought blessings for baby Jesus, the wise women at the baby shower can offer advice. (In general, it should be positive advice and not a pregnancy or birth horror story.) This can be done on individual cards and read allowed or gathered in a book to be presented to the mother-to-be.

    • Comfort measures for labor on a donkey
    • Match the Christmas carol to the baby related theme
    • Pin the baby in the manger
    • Christmas Carol mix up
    • Pin the ornament on the belly
    • Stuff the baby in the stocking

  • Christmas Themed Items
    More Christmas themed items for your Christmas baby shower:

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