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Gifts for a Sibling at the Birth of a Baby


Updated December 21, 2012

If you've already had a baby before, chances are you know what you're doing and you're prepared for the new baby. Perhaps you've even considered sibling classes or talked to your older child about the new baby, depending on their age. But the truth is, it's hard to be the older sibling, even if you're only two or three yourself, when a new baby arrives. So here are some great gifts to consider as a way to celebrate the sibling, and maybe even occupy their time for a minute or two or help baby proof.

Lay-N-Go Toy Storage

Lay-n-go Toy Mat
Photo © Price Grabber
I have to say that I fell in love with this product as soon as I saw it. Small Legos and toys were the thorn in my side. I was torn, I wanted my older children to have these experiences, but I worried that my younger children would eat them. That put me in a bad spot. (Can I also say that I did not want to step on Legos - those hurt badly!) If you're worried that this doesn't seem like much of a gift for a child, you're wrong. The kids I know really enjoyed being able to have something to protect their toys from the baby. It can also work well as the "wrapping paper" to a gift of Legos or other small toys. Can you say baby proofing win?
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Aqua Doodle

Aqua Doodle
Photo © Price Grabber
This fun toy has so many qualities! It's quiet, fun and pretty mess free. Kids love to be able to play with this and it's a great thing to pull out when you need a few minutes of your older child sitting still and being entertained, hopefully quietly and safely. So you fill a small pen like brush with water. It's comes out very slowly as not to make a mess, but allows them to draw on the special board. They can have hours of fun with this and yet they feel like they are making a "mess" without actually making a mess. It can also be a great portable travel game for road trips or be pulled out when you want to nurse the baby or sit quietly.
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Books for Siblings about Babies

Happy Birth Day!
Photo © Price Grabber
If your older sibling needs to know a bit more about babies or pregnancy, a good book might also be a great way to help engage them, particularly as a gift that says, welcome to being a sibling. These books are picked out and reviewed by other moms and siblings themselves. Any of your favorites on here?
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Matching Giraffes

Little Giraffe
Photo © Price Grabber
There is also the concept of matching gifts to give the big brother or sister and the baby. One idea would be to give a small Little Giraffe stuffed animal to the baby and give the bigger version to the sibling. While the lithe one can't really play with their toy yet, just knowing that they have similar toys can make a sibling feel good.
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Melissa and Doug Jigsaw Puzzles

Melissa and Doug Wooden Puzzle
Photo © Price Grabber
Melissa and Doug make a really great collection of jigsaw puzzles. These sturdy pieces will really hold up to the test of time, lasting not only for the big kid, but many little ones to come. But even better than that, they are sure to take the attention of the big sibling so that you can spend a few quiet minutes doing what you need to do. (I've also stepped on these and they are not as painful as other puzzle pieces.) The nice part is that in addition to being a quality that is bright and cheerful, it's educational and comes in a variety of puzzles for all levels from toddler on up.
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Softies from Goody

Softies by Goody
Photo © REW
So little girls really love to add things to their hair. But, you've got these really neat options that don't have small parts to loose, don't have hard parts to step on and they can even be put in by your child! (And repositioned without a brush.) These are going to be something that most girls will love to add to their daily hair care and yet don't need a lot of help to use. And if you step on it or baby picks it up and tries to eat it - no small parts that make you scream, "OUCH!"
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Photo © Price Grabber
The ToyDozer is another item designed to help your toddler or older child clean up. Now, you have to remember, kids love to clean. This tool just helps them clean the smallest of parts off the floor easily and quickly. This not only teaches them to clean up after playing but enables you to have a safe floor environment for your feet and your new baby, even if it's just for diaper changes at first.
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Chalk Figures

Chalk Figurines
Photo © The Chalk Shop
I really love these little chalk figurines. They have a large variety to choose from for every need. This is a nice, quiet, and nearly 100% mess free thing for your kids. This is a great gift to pair with a chalk mat.

The Wonder Box

The Wonder Box is a monthly subscription that arrives at the door, nearly 100% ready to make right out of the box. You've got age appropriate craft projects and science projects, usually three to four in each package. It's a quick way to do something with your older child that doesn't send you searching for every little part. They have fun, you get to be the hero and it's all good. This is the perfect gift that keeps on giving.
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