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Max Daniel Satin & Sable Baby Blanket

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Updated September 07, 2009

Max Daniel Baby Blanket

Max Daniel Baby Blanket

Photo (c) Max Daniel

The Bottom Line

The Satin & Sable Baby Blanket from Max Daniel is one luxury baby blanket! This blanket is large and in charge - for even the tiniest of babies.
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  • Oh so soft!
  • Great colors and fabrics.


  • I would constantly worry about baby messes.


  • This blanket comes in multiple colors.
  • It has two sides: satin and soft fur like.
  • It measures 36 X 32.
  • It is machine washable and you can throw it in the dryer.

Guide Review - Max Daniel Satin & Sable Baby Blanket

Okay, I think everyone knows that the Max Daniel Satin & Sable blanket is a favorite of celebrity babies like Violet Affleck, but who would think that your baby could enjoy such luxury too? While the cost of these blankets is definitely in the gift or luxury category, they are not as outrageous as some baby blankets currently on the market.

This blanket is 36 X 32 in size, making it a nice size blanket to cover a toddler or wrap a newborn baby. Both sides are soft, making even my hands feel rough. The washing instructions say that you can machine wash it in gentle and cold and tumble dry on low. I have not tried to wash this product, but found no complaints.

This makes a very nice baby shower gift or new baby gift. I can tell you that the durability and sustainability is great. My toddler and four year old twins fight over this blanket constantly. In fact, my four year old twins first comments were, "This blanket is comfortable." and "That would be great for our baby." So if you have more than one child, you may find yourself purchasing more than one blanket. Maybe I should say it also makes a really nice new sibling gift?

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