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Mommy Track'd Survival Kit Review

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Updated August 13, 2007

Mommy Track'd Survival Kit

Mommy Track'd Survival Kit

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The Bottom Line

The products in the Mommy Track'd Survival Kit are a great place to keep your mind at a time when you often feel like you're losing it. This kit is a great gift for a new mom or mom coming off maternity leave.
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  • Great organizational products.
  • Attractive look.


  • Choice of book selection would be nice.


  • The Work & Home pads come in multiple sizes, great for fitting into your agenda or planner.
  • Attractively arranged as a nice gift for moms.
  • Made for the born organized crowd and the barely holding it together crowd.

Guide Review - Mommy Track'd Survival Kit Review

The Mommy Track'd Survival Kit is a great gift for any new mom, though particularly tempting for a new mom returning to work. This time frame is a surprisingly unclaimed territory. The Kit includes:

  • The Balance Sheet
  • The Eat Sheet
  • the Don't Forget and the Gee, I've Got it All notepads
  • How She Really Does It by Wendy Sach
  • a set of our working mom greeting cards
  • a piece of Survival Chick Chocolate

The Eat Sheet is a handy way to track menus. This really helps keep me honest in what I'm making the kids. Nurturing our bodies with healthy food is a gift to all moms. I love the handy grocery chart next to it to help me list out ingredients I need to get to actually make the products. I like that it prevents my kids from saying, "But mom, we had that yesterday!"

The Balance Sheet is nice because it breaks your life into two columns work and home. Whether you work outside of the home or not, you still have things for you and things for your work (be it a company, home business or managing your household).

Other mentions include the Don't Forget! A cool notepad that hangs on your door. This helps you remember to grab the pad on the way out or at least notice it and read the contents. The book included is How She Really Does It by Wendy Sach. It's a through book but too deep for most newly postpartum minded moms. Probably a more thoughtful book in pregnancy or after the kids are a bit older. Though this obviously diminishes how helpful it can be. I would like to see the ability to substitute this book for another of their offerings, which would also make it more friendly to moms who do not work outside the home. The Taking Care of Baby would be a great option.

And i have to say that the bucket it comes in is delightful! It's a fruit basket for your table, or a place to store the ever elusive pen and notepad - just perfect!

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