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Baby Shower Planning


Updated May 16, 2014

Baby Shower

Baby Shower Fun

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Your baby shower is a very special day. It should be something that you hopefully have a say in how it shapes up - be that big or small, fancy or laid back. There are so many ways to do baby showers and you have a lot of options. One key is to talk to the hostess ahead of time to let her know what your thoughts are, even if you don't have a hand in helping to plan the actual shower.

Baby Shower Planning:

When planning baby showers you need to keep a few things in mind:

  • the mother-to-be's preferences
  • time of day of the party
  • location of the party
  • party plans
  • your baby shower budget

If this is a second shower you may choose to do your baby shower differently than if it is a first baby shower. Overall, good planning will help your baby shower go more smoothly.


Baby Shower Themes:

The theme of your baby shower lays the ground work. It can be based on the nursery, a topic or simply baby. If your family uses the holidays as a time to get together, that might be a great time to host a baby shower. It saves on travel time and costs for many guests and ensures a robust party invitation list!


Baby Shower Food:

Your menu will depend on when you are holding the shower. If you are holding the baby shower during lunch or dinner, you will be expected to provide a full meal. Currently brunch baby showers are very popular.

If the baby shower is at another time of the day or night, most still choose to serve some sort of appetizers and dessert.


Baby Shower Games:

The baby shower game has gotten a bad rap. Yes, there are the exceedingly silly and somewhat crazy baby shower games, but these do not have to be the ones that you choose to play. Many baby shower games are taking an educational bend these days, or at least a safer turn.


Baby Shower Presents:

Ah the baby gifts! These are the things to ooo and ahh over at the shower. It is certainly fun to shop for and watch the mother open all of these presents. Some people try to choose practical gifts while others prefer to choose fun gifts that the family may not buy for themselves. Many mothers register during their pregnancy for gift lists at various stores.


Alternatives to a Baby Shower:

There may be reasons that you do not want to hold a baby shower, but do want to honor the mother and the baby. This may be because this is not the first baby for the mother-to-be. Though second pregnancies don't always mean no baby shower, that is a personal decision. There are some people who do not like how a baby shower typically goes, some claim that there is a negative energy towards birth and parenting as scary stories are circulated. Others believe that the baby shower is simply too commercial.

Other ideas include a simple meal without the presents or a Blessingway.

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