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Top 10 Baby Shower Games


Updated June 06, 2014

Baby showers are synonymous with goofy games. Here are few games that are less goofy, lots of fun and laughing involved. (And no one gets wrapped in toilet paper!)

1. The Right Price

Baby Shower Tree
Photo © D. Vargas
Baby shower game show time! Here's a unique game/gift combo. Do you know how much a pack of diapers cost?

2. Baby Shower Scramble

Your quick wit will help you as you race to unscramble baby related words.

3. It's a Whopper!

What do candy bars and licorice have to do with pregnancy? Can you match the candy to baby related word? (Here's a hint, a contraction is a Whopper!)

4. Quick Draw

All you need for this game is a paper plate and crayon pr pencil. It's sure to bring plenty of laughter! But art, not so much...

5. Estimated Time of Birth

You'll laugh so hard your water breaks, literally, with this guessing game.

6. Family Tree

Okay, so it's your television family, but it was a lot of fun recalling who we knew in which family.

7. Don't say that!

This game of taboo will get your party guests mingling and watching what they say or do.

8. Memory Lane

This baby shower project leaves the mother-to-be with a great gift of advice and a place for photos.

9. What will you call the baby?

What will you call baby? Oops, not that kind of baby... Do you know what a baby eel is called? It could help you score big!

10. Famous Babies

How many can you figure out before the game is over? This one takes a bit of work, but the effort is worth it!
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