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Baby Shower Games for the Best Baby Shower


Updated December 01, 2008

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Candy Crafts
I recently went to a baby shower where every one came in and was asked to get a pacifier out of a bowl by the door and pin it to their shirts. They were made out of pipe cleaner rods and white life savers candy and jelly beans. How they were made (you made a loop with the pipe cleaner rod and twisted the end together like a bread tie and slipped over it a white life save piece of candy and on the very end you forced a jelly bean on it for the nipple. They were really cute, and they were all blue pipe cleaners, white life savers candy and a white jelly bean except for one. The person that got the one with a different colored jelly bean was asked to stand and was asked if they thought they could answer a trivia question about a kids cartoon for a prize? They said sure and they were asked "what kind of dog was Scooby Doo?" They had 3 choices to choose from, a great dane or lab or a german shepherd, they after choosing the correct answer. (great dane) They were awarded a gift pack, that included stationary, and a candle. The candle was wrapped in lace mesh tied off at the top with ribbon and it flowered at the top, it was really nice. I thought that was the nicest gift and the cutest pacifiers. I still have mine and have suggested this to lots of others as mementos for their guests.
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