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How to Make Baby Shower Cake Pops


Updated September 16, 2013

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Preparing the Cake
Cut the cake for baby shower cake pops.

Once the cake is cooled, you will cut it into four pieces.

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Preparing the cake is a key step in making your baby shower cake pops. You will need to make a box cake of any flavor according to directions in a 13 x 9 inch pan. One of the most important parts of this process is ensuring that the cake is thoroughly cooled before using it.

Most cakes will take at least an hour to cool completely. Try placing the cake pan on a cooling rake to help ensure the cake is completely cooled. You can also try cooking the cake the night before you intend to make baby shower cake pops.

Once your cake is complete cooled, you are ready to start crumbling your cake. Using a large knife, cut your cake into four identical pieces.

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