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Baby Safety

How to keep baby safe from car travel to air travel and baby proofing your home.

Tips for Baby Proofing
Baby proofing need not be a horrible process. Here are some tips to make baby proofing your home easier.

4 Types of Car Seats for Baby
There are lots of different types of car seats available. But which one is the best bet for your baby? Is one safer? Does one last longer? Figure out which works best for your family.

Before You Buy a Crib
What you need to know before you buy a bed or crib for you baby, including safety tips.

Are you ready for baby?
Take our safety quiz to find out if you know how to keep your baby safe, from cribs and car seats to baths and beyond.

Sharing Sleep with Your Baby
A look at safe co-sleeping practices so that you and baby can share a family bed together safely.

Ways to Calm Your Crying Baby
Crying babies are no fun. And let's face it, they all cry at some point. Here are some ideas to try to help calm your baby and your nerves.

4 Reasons Your Baby Shouldn't Ride in a Car Seat
Certain medical conditions like prematurity can prevent your baby from being safe in their car seat. Learn about the alternatives to a regular infant seat in the car to keep your special needs baby safe.

How to Baby Proof Your Home
Having a baby is an exciting family event. Preparing the room and furniture, decorating and all the appropriate fussing over a new family member is great fun. But before you know it, the baby is crawling and that means your house, designed for adults, now needs some attention to make it safe for junior.

Peg Perego Aria Twin LB
A light weight, double stroller with a five point safety harness.

Simple steps to a safer home.

Crib Safety
Simple steps to keeping baby safe during sleep.

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