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Gifts for Grandparents


Updated December 01, 2008

Grandparent gifts are becoming an increasingly popular thing. Some give gifts as a way to announce their pregnancy, while others give gifts from the grandchildren to present to the grandparents. What's your family tradition?

1. Grandparents' Memory Book

Grandparents' Memory Book
Photo (c) Price Grabber
This hardcover book is like a baby book in reverse. The grandparents fill it out for the grandchildren. This means they get to answer all the burning questions a child may have about when their grandparents grew up. This also works well as a great way for you to reconnect with your parents in preparation for a new baby.
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2. Personalized Grandparents Frame

Grandparents Frame
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This wooden frame not only holds a picture but allows you to write a special message for the grandparents in your life. Perfect for a picture of an ultrasound as a pregnancy announcement.
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3. Engraved Bracelet for Grandma

Grandma Bracelet
Photo (c) Price Grabber
These ovals have individual names engraved on them. Made of silver, it's very classy looking, without being loud or having dangling parts. It can hold up to six names.
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4. Grandpa Mug (and more)

Grandpa Mug
Photo (c) Price Grabber
This handy coffee mug comes personalized with the grandparent name of your choice. They offer 26 names for that special grandparent in your life.

5. Grandma's Little Flakes Shirt

Grandma's Little Flakes
Photo (c) Price Grabber
Give the grandma in your life a sweatshirt with all the names of her grandchildren (up to 12) embroidered on a sweatshirt. This makes a great gift for a proud grandma. Each child is represented as a snowman.
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