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Maclaren Volo Stroller

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Updated October 13, 2012

The Bottom Line

This ultra lightweight stroller is great! The vibrant colors and great portability make this a great buy, because you get all of the great Maclaren quality: ease of maneuverability, washable seating, ergonomic handles, etc. A definite must have for the traveller and the every day parent.
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  • Easy to fold and go.
  • Vibrant colors not found on many strollers.
  • Maclaren quality at a great price.


  • Not appropriate for the first few months.


  • The stroller weighs nine pounds!
  • Vibrant colors of seating.
  • Folds in just two easy steps.
  • One handed steering on ergonomic handles.
  • Large basket underneath for easy storage of diapers.

Guide Review - Maclaren Volo Stroller

This ultra lightweight stroller weighs in at a whopping nine pounds. This makes it one of the lightest weight strollers around - umbrella stroller or no. The good news is that this stroller does not compromise its ability to handle your child.

The ergonomic handles make it a dream to push. It's easy to hold the soft, padded handles. They are high enough for even tall parents, like myself. The best news is that this umbrella stroller pushes like a dream! I can walk around the store and quickly dash between aisles with never a worry, even one handed.

This stroller does not have the ability to recline the seat, making it unsuitable for newborns. Though the seat is removable and washable. The material is a mesh like fabric, though very sturdy. I could almost watch the animal cracker crumbs falling out effortlessly!

This is a great stroller for a great Maclaren price.

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