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G Diapers

G Diapers

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Updated September 28, 2012

G Diapers
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I first saw G Diapers a couple of years ago at a Lamaze conference. They really intrigued me but I never was able to go over and check them out the way I wanted. Then I remember them this year when I saw them in a local store. Since we still have a baby in diapers, I decided to try them out and see if they would really work.

Now, I use a nice blend of cloth diapers and disposable diapers, so I am not unused to how diapers work. The appeal of the G Diaper was that it was supposed to blend the best of both worlds - environmentally friendly and easy to use.

The cover has a plastic insert that snaps in. You then add the diaper part. It was a lot like fitting a maxipad into the diaper cover. At first I wasn't sure it would fit but it did. They fit well and didn't leak, neither when wet nor soiled.

They work exactly like they say. You pull out the dirty insert, and rip it apart, stir it up with the special rod and flush. This is all accurate. What I failed to really think about was ripping the guts of a dirty diaper apart. That was pretty gross.

G Diapers worked well, but we wound up just putting the dirty liners in the garbage. Though on their site it also recommends that you compost the soiled diapers.

Earlier versions of this diaper were not as favorably rated. They also have some great styles now.

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 5 out of 5
Very versatile, Member Jercse

These diapers are fantastic! If fitted properly (there are many instructional links/videos on the website to do so) they do not leak. The versatility in regards to the flushable/cloth option is such a relief, especially considering the ecological impact of disposable diapers. You can also throw out the flushable liner knowing they will completely decompose in a matter of weeks instead of centuries, compared to disposable diapers. The cost can be a bit high when using the flushable liners, but using the cloth inserts saves you so much money than with disposables. If the velcro wears out, gDiapers will send you replacement velcro, which is much easier to fix than snaps. My only point of contention is the snap in pouches need to be replaced after a while, as the elastic wears out, and this can only be done online. I'm so happy with my gDiapers, and I highly encourage anyone considering cloth to try them out!

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