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Choosing a Holiday Baby Name for Your Baby


Updated February 15, 2010

Baby in Santa Suit

Holiday baby names can have a lot of meaning.

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New Year's Day Baby Names:

Congratulations! You have the first baby of the new year! Now what name do you choose? Do you name after the obstetrician? What about time related names?

More baby names for New Year's.

Valentine's Day Baby Names:

Ah, love is in the air. Romantic names are often directly from our lives in that we name after those we love. There are also baby names to choose from that have meanings like love, cherish and other Valentine's Day like names.

More baby names for Valentine's Day.

St. Patrick's Day Baby Names:

Irish baby names are very popular. So why not consider some Irish baby names for your St. Patrick's Day baby?

More baby names for St. Patrick's Day.

Easter Baby Names:

Easter is about redemption and salvation. Why not choose a name with a meaning like that? Popular names are Peter, Mary, Grace, etc.

More baby names for Easter.

Mother's Day & Father's Day Baby Names:

If your baby is born on or near one of these days, you might consider either naming that baby after that parent or giving that parent free choice in the selection of the perfect name for baby.

4th of July Baby Names:

You might be aiming for a good patriotic name like a founding father or president. Perhaps you're looking for a famous woman in history. Though there are others who would pick less common names and go for something wild like Cadence.

More baby names for the 4th of July.

Halloween Baby Names:

Whether you're aiming to pick a baby name that is monster inspired, think Frankenstein, or you want something to represent the season, like Autumn, this time of year has many baby names!

More baby names for Halloween.

Thanksgiving Baby Names:

Are you thankful you weren't named after a pilgrim? Well some of the names they used are still quite popular like Sarah and John. Constance and Enoch may be a bit outdated. Do you like the virtue names? If so this is your holiday!

More baby names for Thanksgiving.

Christmas Baby Names:

A festive time of year for sure! There are plenty of baby names to go around. Will you choose a seasonally inspired baby name like Lucia or Noel?

More baby names for Christmas.

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