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Thanksgiving Inspired Baby Names

Biblical Names, Virture Names and More


Updated July 24, 2012

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If you are due near Thanksgiving or your baby is born on that day, you may want to consider names inspired by this holiday. The names that generally come to mind are Biblical or what we call virtue names, as they were the names of many of the Pilgrims. You might prefer to select names of people who came over on the Mayflower or even a name that means thankful. Here are some names for your Thanksgiving Baby:

Girl Baby Names

  • Virginia - Feminine form of the Roman name Verginius. Also associated with the Latin virgo for virgin. Was the name of the first baby born in the "new World."

  • Sarah - Princess in Hebrew.

  • Constance - Feminine form of the Late Latin name meaning constant.

  • Faith - Originally from the Latin to trust, fidere.

  • Grace - Favor from Latin.

  • Mary - Bitterness from Hebrew.

  • Tendai - Thankful in Shona.

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Boy Baby Names

  • Henry - Home ruler from German.

  • John - God is gracious from Hebrew.

  • Miles - Masculine in English.

  • William - Helmet from Teutonic.

  • Shakir - Thankful in Arabic.

  • Samoset - First Native American Indian to meet with the pilgrims.

  • Squanto - Second Native American Indian who was a friend of Samoset.

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