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New Year's Baby Names

Name for Your Baby New Year


Updated December 29, 2012

New Year's Baby
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Well maybe you didn't get that tax break by having your baby before December 31st, but having the first baby of the new year has it's own fun. Here are some New Year inspired baby names.

Girl Baby Names

  • Audrey - Diminutive for a word in Anglo-Saxon that means noble strength. (Auld Lang Sine)
  • Aurora - Dawn in Latin.
  • Dawn - sunrise, English.
  • January - after the month, English.
  • Champagne - French for the alcoholic beverage.
  • Renee - French for reborn.
  • Garnet - after the birthstone for January.
  • Usha - Hindi for dawn.
  • Nova - from the Latin for new.
  • Novella - new in French.

Boy Baby Names

  • Cork - Irish for marsh, think of the Champagne cork.
  • Newman - Old English for new comer.
  • Newlyn - for new year.
  • Newcomb - Old English for new valley.
  • Renae / Renee - French for reborn.
  • Walid - Arabic, meaning newborn.

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