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Irish Baby Names - St. Patrick's Day Baby Names


Updated March 12, 2010

Everyone loves a red headed baby!

Everyone loves a red headed baby! So give her an Irish baby name!

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St. Patrick’s Day is a holiday that celebrates Saint Patrick. It is celebrated on the day that is supposed to be his date of death in 1737. St. Patrick was said to have driven the snakes out of Ireland. Some families are happy to name their baby after a nearby holiday if they give birth. So here are some names for you if you have a St. Patrick’s Day baby.


  1. Ashling – Irish for vision

  2. Maeve – Old Irish for cause of great joy

  3. Finola – Irish for fair shouldered

  4. Maire – Irish for the Blessed Mother

  5. Colleen – Irish for girl

  6. Siobhan – Irish form of Joan meaning God is gracious

  7. Clodagh – Name of an Irish River named for female deity

  8. Iona – Irish associated this with the word blessed

  9. Niamh – Irish for bright and radiant

  10. Darcy – Irish for dark haired


  1. Patrick – Latin for noble, Padric is the Irish variant

  2. Sean – Irish form of John, meaning gift from God

  3. Grady – Irish surname, used as first, means renowned

  4. Colin – Irish for little chieftain

  5. Seamus – Irish form of James

  6. Aedan – Irish diminutive for fire

  7. Dillon – Irish for flash of lightening

  8. Ronan – Irish from a seal

  9. Liam – Irish form of William

  10. Desmond – Irish for one from Desmond
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