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Christmas Baby Names

Names for Your Christmas Baby


Updated December 17, 2012

Baby in Santa Suit
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Baby names are often chosen because of a special time of year or event. Christmas is no exception to that rule. There are plenty of Christmas names to go around for girls. Boys names were a bit harder to come up with, but I finally had some come up in a conversation at a prenatal class the other night.

Baby Girl Names

  • Holly - Anglo Saxon for the ivy tree. Think Christmas carol The Holly and the Ivy

  • Gloria - Latin for glory. Also the name of a famous Christmas carol.

  • Natalie (Natalia) - Latin meaning Christmas day.

  • Tasha - From Natasha/Natalie in Russian for Christmas day.

  • Mary (Merry) - Bitter from Hebrew. Mother of Jesus.

  • Noel - Means Christmas in French. The First Noel is a famous Christmas Carol.

  • Joy - The emotion. Also a Christmas carol - Joy to the World

  • Angel - The heavenly being who spread the news of the birth of Jesus.

  • Carol - English for hymn or song.

  • Ivy - Old English for the plant. Think Christmas carol The Holly and the Ivy

  • Star - The famous star over Bethlehem to guide visitors to the manger.

  • Winter - Named after the season.
Baby Boy Names

  • Emmanuel - God is with us from the Hebrew.

  • Christopher - Hebrew for God has judged. Could be spelled with a K for the popular character Kris Kringle.

  • Noel - French for Christmas.

  • Christian - Latin for follower of Christ.

  • Timothy - Revering God from Greek.

  • Gabriel - The Angel who announced the birth of Christ.

  • Joseph - From the Hebrew - he will add. Father of Jesus.

  • Nicholas - Greek for victorious people. Popular character - Jolly Old Saint Nicholas, also a Christmas carol.

Readers Respond: What name would you give a Christmas baby?

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