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Small or Portable Places for Your Baby to Sleep

Bassinet, Portable Cribs, Co-Sleepers


Updated July 03, 2013

Tiny newborns are hard to leave alone in the big crib. That's why there are smaller places for babies to sleep. These are fairly popular for space saving and other reasons. Some involve co-sleeping or the family bed, while others are the prelude to a crib.

1. Snuggle Delight

Snuggle Delight
Photo © Price Grabber
The Snuggle Delight is a nice product for parents who are new to co-sleeping with their babies. This product can help them overcome fears and safely sleep with their baby. It is portable and small enough to fit in even a double bed. It is a small bed within a bed concept. Very similar to the Snuggle Nest.
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2. Snuggle Delight Surround

Snuggle Delight Surround
Photo © Price Grabber
Like the Snuggle Delight, this is meant to fit in your bed. The main difference is that it completely surrounds the baby on all sides. This is also portable. It simply folds in half, making it easy to move from place to place in case of travel.
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3. Hoohobbers Baby Moses Basket

Hoohobbers Baby Moses Basket
Photo © Price Grabber
The Hoohobbers Baby Moses Basket is an ideal place for your newborn to sleep. It is easy to move from room to room and has washable sheets and bumpers. This makes the perfect smaller space for a new baby, or for a second sleep area on another floor. I bought one, and it's been used for six kids. Though I did eventually need to buy some replacement pads - only because I lost them.

4. Dream On Me Portable 3in1 Crib

Dream On Me Portable 3in1 Crib White
Photo © Price Grabber
This portable crib has your standard three positions for mattress as well as a single drop side. The white finish is clean and meets safety standards and is made of beechwood. It comes with a 2 inch mattress. The inside of the crib measures 24 inches x 38 inches.
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5. Jenny Lind Cradle

Photo (c) Price Grabber
The Jenny Lind Cradle was the first baby purchase I ever made. It was a beautiful wooden cradle, with the ability to rock. It also has a pin mechanism to stop it from moving if your baby prefers that. The mattress was perfect size and fit nicely in a small room. It's perfect for a newborn.
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