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Maya Wrap - Baby Carrier and Sling

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Updated October 13, 2012

Maya Wrap
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The Bottom Line

The Maya Wrap is a very simple baby sling. While it does use the ring, there is no padding, making it easy to cinch it up tightly without choking yourself on the padding.
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  • Easy to use.
  • Comes in multiple colors for men and women.


  • If you like padding, this one has none.


  • You have the ability to cary your baby form newborn to toddler with one product.
  • Multiple fabrics styles and colors, for men and women.
  • Easily washable, hang to dry.

Guide Review - Maya Wrap - Baby Carrier and Sling

The Maya Wrap is a very easy to use baby sling. It can be used on either shoulder, carrying babies from newborn to toddler. You can also use various carriers depending on the age of your baby and their skills. For example, as a newborn, they can lay down and even nurse in the sling. As they get older, and gain head control, you can face them forward in the pouch like a kangaroo. You can also use it for toddlers, my favorite is the side carry on your hip.

What I love about slings in general, and the Maya Wrap specifically, is that you can keep your baby close. This means that your baby is often less likely to cry, feeling safe and secure near your body. I also love the ability to have my hands free and get other things done.

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